‘URBN collaborates with leading FinTech company for retail payment solutions across brands’

URBN, a popular retail company, is set to revolutionize its in-store checkout process in North America by implementing Stripe Terminal as its primary option. This move will see BBPOS WisePOS E readers being used at over 600 locations, requiring minimal additional training for employees.

Furthermore, URBN is leveraging Link and Stripe Financial Connections to allow online customers to easily pay using their bank accounts. With this integration, customers who have saved their bank details at any business using Link can seamlessly checkout without the need to re-enter payment information.

Looking ahead, URBN plans to enhance the checkout experience by utilizing Stripe’s optimized checkout suite. This will allow the display of the most relevant payment methods to customers based on factors such as device type, location, and language.

In terms of fulfilment process, URBN will only process card payments for purchases once the order has been shipped or picked up. By extending the authorization window with the help of Stripe, the company aims to ensure successful transactions, even in cases of unforeseen delays.

URBN stands to benefit from Stripe’s superior API reliability and high authorization rates, especially during peak demand periods.

Eileen O’Mara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stripe, emphasized the importance of a robust payments setup in maximizing revenue potential for retailers. The partnership between URBN and Stripe is expected to deliver an effortless checkout experience for customers and high authorization rates for the business.

Moreover, URBN will leverage additional tools provided by Stripe to streamline money movement and gather precise analytics. This includes using Stripe Connect to facilitate payments between third-party merchants and buyers on its brand marketplaces, as well as adopting tools like Stripe Sigma and Stripe Data Pipeline for automated revenue data collection and financial reporting across all its brands.

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