‘Continuation of Strategic Partnership between Euromaster and Kyndryl’

Euromaster Extends Strategic Relationship with Kyndryl for Five More Years

Euromaster, a leading European provider of tires and car maintenance services, has announced the extension of its long-standing partnership with Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, for an additional five years. The collaboration is aimed at establishing a modern service desk to improve the digital work environment and support the management of employees and service centers across Europe.

With over 2,500 centers in 17 countries, Euromaster caters to a diverse range of market segments, from individual customers to professionals. In the face of significant challenges, the company is dedicated to utilizing advanced tools to offer personalized and efficient support to its employees.

The extended partnership with Kyndryl will encompass all of Euromaster’s operations in Europe, including the Device Management department, which handles the management and administration of all workstations. Kyndryl will work towards creating an optimized digital workspace to enhance the user experience for Euromaster employees.

Fabrice Stellmacher, Euromaster’s Infrastructure Manager, expressed the company’s commitment to elevating their services to meet customer expectations. He highlighted the decision to engage Kyndryl in modernizing their digital workplace, particularly focusing on the Service Desk. Stellmacher noted that since implementing the changes, initial customer satisfaction levels have seen a boost, and he remains confident in Kyndryl’s ability to drive ongoing improvements.

Rodrigo Ferraz, Associate Director of Kyndryl France, expressed his excitement over Euromaster’s decision to extend the partnership, giving Kyndryl full responsibility for managing and enhancing all desk services. He emphasized the importance of providing Euromaster with top-notch Digital Workplace technology to deliver fast and efficient user support, adding significant value to the collaboration.

The extended collaboration between Euromaster and Kyndryl reinforces the commitment of both companies to leverage innovative solutions for enhancing the digital work environment and delivering exceptional services to customers across Europe.

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