Score a FREE railcard by signing up for one of these current accounts even if you’re not a student!

Young adults aged between 20 and 25 have the opportunity to take advantage of Santander’s special offer of obtaining a free four-year railcard by simply opening an account with the bank before the end of April. This promotion is available to non-students who apply for an Everyday, Santander Edge, or Santander Edge Up current account by April 30th, deposit at least £500 by May 14th, and set up mobile or online banking.

Santander, known for providing free 16-25 Railcards to students with at least two years of study remaining and level four to seven apprentices, aims to help young individuals save money on their train travel expenses. The 16-25 Railcard offers a third off on train journeys in England, Scotland, and Wales, as well as off-peak London Underground travel when linked with an Oyster card.

On average, users of the 16-25 Railcard save £182 per year, which amounts to a potential saving of around £728 over four years. Those who meet the eligibility requirements will receive a code to redeem their railcard by July 31st. Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 25 as of June 30th. However, the offer is limited, and Santander may withdraw it before April 30th due to high demand.

Andrea Melville from Santander highlighted the benefits of the railcard, stating that it provides users with a third off on train travel. Additionally, customers with Edge and Edge Up current accounts can also enjoy cashback on travel expenses, everyday spending, and household bills.

Santander’s Everyday account offers a fee-free current account, while the Edge account provides up to £20 cashback per month on essential spending and a 7% AER saver for a monthly fee of £3. The Edge Up account offers up to £30 cashback and 3.5% credit interest on the current account balance for £5 per month.

Moreover, the Edge and Edge Up accounts feature fee-free spending abroad, whereas the Everyday account only allows free withdrawals from Santander cash machines. This special offer not only benefits young adults with affordable rail travel but also provides them with various cashback and savings opportunities through Santander’s current account options.

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