Using Touch ‘n Go eWallet in Japan: A How-To Guide

Touch ‘n Go eWallet (TNG eWallet) users from Malaysia can now enjoy a seamless cashless experience in Japan, as the payment method is now accepted by 2 million merchants in the country. This expansion comes as a result of Alipay+’s increased footprint in Japan, allowing users to make transactions at major retail chains, convenience stores, and small businesses.

With Alipay+ enabling crossborder payments, merchants in Japan can now accept payments from 16 eWallets and banking apps from 10 different markets. The integration of Alipay+ with PayPay, a prominent mobile payment network in Japan, has further widened the coverage of cashless payments in the country.

Using TNG eWallet in Japan is made easy through the Alipay+ crossborder payment network, with the process being similar to that in mainland China. Users can look out for merchants displaying the Alipay+ sign or PayPay QR code to make payments seamlessly.

Most merchants in Japan, including department stores and convenience stores, utilize the Merchant Scan User method for transactions. Users can follow simple steps like informing the cashier, launching the TNG eWallet app, tapping on Pay, and showing the Alipay+ QR code to complete the transaction.

For merchants in Japan using PayPay, users can scan the merchant’s QR code and follow easy steps like informing the cashier, launching the TNG eWallet app, scanning the QR code, entering the transaction amount, and authorizing the payment with a 6-digit PIN.

Additionally, TNG eWallet and Alipay+ offer extra rewards and discounts through Alipay+ Rewards. First-time users in Japan can benefit from a JPY 100 reward with a minimum spend of JPY 101. Users can explore and collect deals by accessing A+ Rewards in the TNG eWallet app and changing the country setting to Japan.

This collaboration between TNG eWallet and Alipay+ enhances the cashless payment experience for Malaysian travelers in Japan, providing convenience and rewards for users making transactions in the country.

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