Debut NFT collection on Solana sells out in just 9 minutes

Digital artist Grant Yun recently launched his non-fungible token (NFT) collection titled “Life in Japan” on Solana’s Exchange Art marketplace with the drop called “A Bright Spring Day” on April 18. The NFTs were quickly snapped up within nine minutes of the mint becoming public, showcasing Yun’s exploration of memories from his time in Korea and frequent visits to Japan.

While Yun has previously showcased his digital art pieces from the Life in Japan collection on Ethereum, he expressed his interest in Solana and Exchange Art as a platform that is both future-focused and artist-centric. He praised Exchange Art for its potential to support artists not just in the present, but also in the future.

Despite the competitive nature of Solana’s token marketplace, Yun took steps to ensure fair participation for users by reserving minting spots for holders of his previous works. This move aimed to prevent token sniping by bots and ensure that genuine collectors had access to his artwork.

Yun hinted that “A Bright Spring Day” may not be followed by another drop from the Life in Japan series on Solana, but he assured fans that this was not his final project on the network. The artist emphasized his commitment to the robust art culture on the Solana blockchain and hinted at potential future releases on the platform.

As fans eagerly await Yun’s next drop on Solana, the artist remains dedicated to sharing his stories and artwork with a growing audience on the blockchain.

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