‘Success of ‘Save Now Buy Later’ model accelerates with new seven-figure investment’

Austrian fintech startup Monkee, known for its innovative “Save Now Buy Later” approach, has recently secured a seven-figure investment and is set to expand its services to over 150,000 account holders in collaboration with Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG.

Monkee’s unique concept challenges the traditional “Buy Now, Pay Later” model by promoting mindful financial management. With an impressive 300,000 app downloads and savings goals exceeding €250 million, Monkee reflects a growing demand for a shift in personal finance strategies.

The platform gamifies savings plans, motivating users to save with a specific goal in mind and make informed purchasing decisions. Partnering with over 500 commerce partners, Monkee offers attractive cashback incentives to help users achieve their financial objectives faster.

This recent investment, combined with Monkee’s previous funding of over €2.5 million, provides a significant boost to the company’s growth plans. With support from both new and existing investors, Monkee is well-positioned to further expand its reach and services. The partnership with VVRB enhances Monkee’s product offerings, especially in the realm of long-term savings, and enhances customer confidence through a trusted banking partner.

Overall, Monkee’s success underscores the increasing awareness and demand for innovative financial solutions, signaling a promising future for the fintech startup in the industry.

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