‘Partnership between Skipify and Visa to Expand Reach and Features of Skipify’s Connected Wallet’

Skipify, a leading financial technology company, announced a strategic partnership with Visa to enhance the checkout experience for consumers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Skipify aims to simplify and expedite the payment process for users. The integration of Visa’s expertise in digital payments with Skipify’s digital wallet is expected to bring unmatched convenience and security to consumers during the checkout process.

The collaboration will allow Skipify customers in various global markets to link their Visa Click to Pay cards with the Skipify Connected Wallet. This integration aims to streamline the checkout process for shoppers and increase conversion rates for merchants. By utilizing advanced Visa network tokenization technology, the partnership aims to minimize fraud risks and provide a secure payment environment for users.

Furthermore, this partnership will enable Skipify to expand its reach and offer innovative payment solutions to a wider audience. Skipify’s Founder and CEO, Ryth Martin, expressed excitement about the potential impact of this collaboration with Visa, emphasizing the goal of empowering merchants with a seamless checkout experience.

Visa’s commitment to advancing commerce through innovation and collaboration aligns with Skipify’s mission to revolutionize the payment industry. Mark Nelsen, SVP, Regional Product and Innovation at Visa, highlighted the mutual dedication to merchants and cardholders, stating that the partnership with Skipify will drive the next wave of innovation in payments.

Both Skipify and Visa will share insights on their partnership during a keynote session at New York Fintech Week, scheduled for April 10, 2024. The event aims to provide further details on how the collaboration will benefit consumers and merchants alike.

Visa is a global leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions across more than 200 countries and territories. Skipify, based in San Francisco, aims to connect people with trusted merchants and financial products through innovative digital experiences. The company’s Connected Checkout platform has garnered recognition in various fintech forums and is supported by prominent investors in the industry.

Through its product offerings, Skipify is building a network of merchants and financial partners to create a seamless payment ecosystem. For more information on Skipify and its digital wallet solutions, visit their website at www.skipify.com.

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