“New 0M Funds from Lakestar to Boost Europe’s Innovation Ecosystem”

Investment firm Lakestar has recently announced the closure of its latest funds, Lakestar Early IV and Lakestar Growth II, totaling around 0 million. These funds will be used to provide new capital to support the next generation of European startups, contributing to Lakestar’s assets under management reaching €2 billion.

The focus of the new funds will be on investing in European startups across various sectors, including AI, digitalization, deep tech, healthcare, and fintech. Lakestar aims to nurture innovation and the tech ecosystem in Europe by supporting business models that promote economic growth and social prosperity.

Already, these funds have made investments in companies such as Fuse Energy from the UK, Swan from France, Nelly from Germany, NEKO Health from Sweden, and Colossyan from the UK/Hungary. Additionally, the funds are backed by a mix of limited partners, including sovereign wealth funds, family offices, fund of fund investors, and other institutional and individual players.

Klaus Hommels, Founder and Chairman of Lakestar, highlighted Europe’s strong innovation centers and emphasized the importance of nurturing technology for the region’s prosperity. He expressed confidence in Lakestar’s strategy and its ability to deepen its impact on Europe’s entrepreneurial community.

In partnership with leading European Tech Universities and having a diverse advisory board, Lakestar is positioned to provide founders with valuable connections and support in navigating the political and regulatory environment. The company remains committed to fostering innovation and supporting the growth of European startups.

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