Financial Services Company Voya partners with SecureSave to Provide Emergency Savings Program for Employers

Voya Financial and SecureSave have collaborated to present an emergency savings program to workplace clients. The program, known as SecureSave, is offered as an out-of-plan tool to Voya’s Workplace Solutions clients. It aims to help employees proactively save for unforeseen financial emergencies.

The program has been designed to provide a simple yet effective way for employees to set aside funds for emergencies, providing them with a safety net in times of need. This initiative offers an accessible avenue for employees to start saving and build a financial buffer, contributing to their overall financial wellness.

Through this collaboration, Voya Financial and SecureSave are taking a step towards promoting financial security and resilience among employees. By encouraging proactive saving habits and emergency preparedness, the program seeks to empower employees to better navigate unexpected financial challenges.

The emergency savings program is part of Voya Financial’s commitment to enhancing financial well-being and offering comprehensive solutions to its workplace clients. By providing this out-of-plan tool, Voya Financial aims to support its clients in promoting financial literacy, resilience, and stability within their workforce.

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