“Exploring the Implications of AI Technology on Patents and Ventures”

Rory Pheiffer recently participated in a panel discussion titled “Inventing with AI: Technology, Patent, and Venture Considerations” at Duke University. The seminar, held at the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library in Durham, North Carolina, brought together experts to explore the intersection of AI and innovation.

The panelists delved into various topics surrounding AI, including its impact on research, decision-making processes at licensing offices for AI-related inventions, implications for inventorship, and investment opportunities in AI startups. The insightful discussion shed light on the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and its implications for the future of technology.

Pheiffer’s contributions to the panel provided valuable insights into the complex and dynamic nature of AI innovation. With AI technology continuing to reshape industries and drive technological advancements, discussions like these play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and understanding in the ever-changing world of AI.

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