“Introducing DivvyUp: The Newest Offering from a Rent-to-Own Business”

Divvy, a rent-to-own company, is rolling out a new program called DivvyUp to help potential homebuyers prepare for homeownership. Unlike traditional approaches focused solely on credit repair or financial eligibility, DivvyUp offers personalized action plans tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. The program, with 16,000 people already on the waitlist, aims to guide users through the mortgage application process and beyond, providing valuable insights and recommendations along the way.

In a recent statement, Divvy founder and CEO Adena Hefets emphasized that DivvyUp addresses a crucial need expressed by customers for a more comprehensive approach to preparing for homeownership. By incorporating personal and financial data into the program, DivvyUp breaks down complex goals into manageable steps, offering color-coded timelines and intuitive content to help users track progress and stay motivated.

Future updates to DivvyUp will involve a closer integration with user bank accounts and other financial data sources to provide even deeper levels of guidance and support. Through surveys and research, Divvy identified common challenges faced by aspiring homeowners, including financial barriers and credit score constraints. The company aims to empower more individuals to achieve homeownership by offering practical tools and resources to improve their financial profiles.

Founded in 2017, Divvy remains committed to helping individuals achieve their dream of owning a home. By combining technology with a human-centered approach, Divvy aims to simplify the homebuying process and provide personalized support to its customers. As the housing industry continues to evolve, Divvy is dedicated to empowering more people to overcome barriers to homeownership and achieve their goals.

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