Elderly individuals receive government support for launching new businesses

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) recently distributed livelihood packages to around 300 senior citizens from different parts of Metro Manila, with the support of the National Commission of Senior Citizens (NCSC). The aim of the program is to empower these senior citizens to become active, income-earning entrepreneurs.

During a distribution event in Paco, Manila, the beneficiaries received various packages tailored to their skills and interests, such as food carts, sewing machines, and rice for retail purposes. The NCSC emphasized that the recipients are expected to grow their businesses with the help provided.

NCSC Chairman Franklin Quijano highlighted the importance of monitoring business growth, stating, “This is a startup for business, so they just need to account by the end of the year if their business grew or not because if it did, we will provide more support.”

One beneficiary, Lola Irene, a 74-year-old former seamstress, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue her sewing work for curtains and blankets. She stressed the importance of remaining active for both income and health reasons, mentioning her involvement in Zumba classes.

Representative Erwin Tieng of Manila City District 5 noted that 30 senior citizens from his city received livelihood packages during the distribution event. He acknowledged the initiative of the Senior Citizen Commission and DOLE in providing opportunities for seniors to start businesses like food carts.

The NCSC emphasized that besides offering economic opportunities, the program aims to make senior citizens productive members of society. Quijano mentioned the potential for seniors to contribute to nation-building if they work together towards a common goal.

The distribution of livelihood packages to senior citizens represents a significant step towards empowering older individuals to continue being active and engaged members of society, opening up opportunities for them to contribute to the economy and community development.

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