Discovering Notcoin: Exploring the Telegram-Based Game and Airdrop Information.

A popular Telegram-based game called Notcoin has been gaining massive traction, with a total of 30 million players and five million daily active users. Created by Open Builders, Notcoin is a social clicker game where players tap a golden coin within the Telegram app to earn in-game currency called Notcoin. Players can climb up a global leaderboard and earn extra tokens by completing quests. Boosts and power-ups are available to increase earning potential, and players can use Notcoin to purchase cosmetic upgrades.

The game’s team has announced an airdrop for a real token called NOT, which will be exchangeable for the in-game Notcoin. The token will be launched on The Open Network (TON) at an undisclosed date, with hints suggesting a launch within two weeks of the recent announcement.

In preparation for the token launch, the Notcoin team has introduced an NFT voucher program where players with over 10 million Notcoin can convert them into NFT vouchers. These vouchers can be traded or sold before the launch of NOT. Players who do not participate in the program can still exchange their Notcoin for NOT when the token goes live.

Excitement is building for the NOT token launch, with players eagerly awaiting the opportunity to exchange their in-game currency for real tokens. With the potential for speculation and trading, the future of Notcoin and the upcoming token looks promising for players and crypto enthusiasts alike.

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