“Binance Delists Two Altcoin Pairs from Spot Transactions!”

Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is dedicated to safeguarding user interests and maintaining a secure trading environment. To achieve this, Binance regularly reviews all spot trading pairs listed on its platform.

In line with this commitment, Binance has announced the removal of two spot trading pairs to enhance user experience and protect the trading ecosystem. The decision to delist certain spot trading pairs, including GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD, was based on factors such as liquidity and trading volume.

Effective from 06:00 on March 29, 2024, these spot trading pairs will no longer be available on Binance. However, it is important to clarify that the delisting of these pairs will not impact the availability of associated tokens on Binance Spot.

Users can still trade the base and quote assets of the delisted spot trading pairs on other available trading pairs within the Binance platform. Additionally, Binance will cease its Spot Trading Bots services for the affected pairs at the same time.

Users utilizing these services are urged to take necessary steps, such as updating or canceling their Spot Trading Bots, before the termination time to minimize potential losses. It is crucial to note that this announcement is not investment advice.

By proactively managing its trading pairs and services, Binance demonstrates its commitment to ensuring a safe and efficient trading environment for its users.

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