Decentralized Social Media’s Impact on Marketing Innovation

Two successful brands in the market right now are Coinbase and 9dcc, a fashion brand founded by G-Money. 9dcc is a prime example of a brand that has truly grasped the concept of integrating offline, online, and on-chain experiences for its customers. Let’s delve into Coinbase first.

Coinbase, as a publicly traded company, has introduced a unique concept by releasing their earnings report as an NFT collectible for free. This innovative move allows anyone to mint the report, and those who do so receive discounts at their merch store as well as exclusive perks such as access to limited edition hats that are only available to those who minted the report.

This strategy beautifully demonstrates the seamless connection between the offline, online, and on-chain components. The physical goods represent the offline aspect, the shopping experience for buying or securing the goods represents the online aspect, and minting the earnings report on-chain represents the on-chain element. By putting their story on-chain, brands are able to create a more engaging and interactive experience for their customers.

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