‘Simplifying Donations for East Anglian Air Ambulance’

PayPoint has recently announced a new partnership with EAAA, which will make them the primary payment partner for the organization. This collaboration aims to bring multiple payment solutions to enhance the donor experience, fundraising efforts, and lottery campaigns.

The rollout of this partnership is set to begin in March 2024, with the implementation of payment solutions such as Direct Debit, MultiPay, Virtual Payment Terminals, new card terminals, and Merchant IDs. These solutions will allow for the acceptance of recurring card payments from donors and lottery players, improving efficiency and enhancing the donation process for EAAA.

The second phase of the partnership, starting in June 2024, will involve the implementation of Open Banking and the trial of PayPoint’s Cash In service. This service will enable volunteers and staff to make cash deposits at PayPoint UK retail locations from EAAA fundraising initiatives and events, further expanding donation options for supporters.

Danny Vant, Managing Director of Client Services at PayPoint, expressed his pride in supporting EAAA’s essential work in providing critical care. Stuart Wyle, Director of Fundraising and Supporters at East Anglian Air Ambulance, emphasized the importance of streamlining the payments journey for the organization, allowing them to focus on their life-saving missions.

Overall, this partnership is expected to provide EAAA with a wider choice of donation options, streamline the donation process, and enhance efficiency in reconciliation. By leveraging PayPoint’s payment solutions, EAAA aims to save time and costs, ultimately supporting their goal of raising nearly £19m this year to continue delivering life-saving services.

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