Secret Cryptocurrency Addresses of Legendary Trader Revealed: Discover the Altcoins in His Wallet

A well-known analyst in the cryptocurrency world, GCR, has had some of their previously unknown altcoin wallets revealed. The analyst sent million worth of ETH to a new Binance deposit address, which in turn uncovered several accounts utilizing the same deposit address. These accounts, believed to be associated with GCR, hold significant amounts of various cryptocurrencies such as .3 million in TRUMP, 0,000 in OX, and farm on Eigenlayer with million in ETH. They also operate a sniper bot, formerly known as ‘azukipunk112’, on Friendtech.

The deposit address linked to GCR was used to purchase the Achi NFT, also known as dogwifhat, for 1210.8 ETH (.33 million) on March 18. The remaining 310 ETH was deposited to a new Binance address named 0x7CB.

Furthermore, another address labeled as 0x321 was actively buying TRUMP, OX, and NFD from late 2023 to early 2024. Although silent in recent months, this account still holds significant assets including .2 million in TRUMP, 0 thousand in OX, 6 thousand in NFD, and 3 thousand in MPL.

Additionally, a wallet with the short address 0x513, linked to GCR, made purchases of tokens from various important accounts on the platform using the Friendtech sniper bot. Some of the accounts this address bought tokens from included Su Zhu (k token), Cobie (.6k token), and Charlotte Fang (.4k token).

It is important to note that this information is not intended as investment advice.

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