‘Potential for ATMs as a lucrative opportunity in retail and commerce media’

Chase is considering leveraging its commerce media data to create hyperpersonalized ads that could be displayed on its network of over 15,000 ATMs. This means that if Chase knew a customer had previously purchased orange juice and was currently at a store that sold orange juice, the bank could offer them a targeted ad and coupon right at the ATM. According to Mackinnon, this strategy would benefit not only the consumer packaged goods (CPG) company and the retailer, but also Chase itself.

However, implementing ATM ads using commerce media data may pose privacy concerns. Consumers typically view ATMs as secure locations where they should not be subjected to targeted ads. These ads could potentially disrupt the cash withdrawal process and erode trust in the bank. As a result, media networks will need to approach this strategy with caution to avoid negative repercussions.

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