‘MetalCore’ Game introduces MON Token Rewards Linked to ‘Pixelmon’

MetalCore, a futuristic mech shooter operating on the Ethereum gaming network Immutable zkEVM, has announced a partnership with the Mon Protocol, associated with the popular game Pixelmon. This collaboration will introduce in-game quests for MetalCore players to earn MON token rewards.

Players will have the opportunity to complete special missions within MetalCore to earn MON tokens, the primary currency used for buying and selling digital in-game assets on the Mon Protocol platform. MetalCore, which is currently in closed beta with plans for an open beta launch in May, will soon integrate these MON-earning quests into the gameplay experience. Additionally, MetalCore will be launching its own token that players can also earn through gameplay.

“We are excited to collaborate with Mon Protocol to provide our players with a unique way to engage with both virtual worlds and earn valuable rewards,” said Matt Candler, CEO of Studio369, the developer behind MetalCore.

The Mon Protocol, closely linked with Pixelmon, a renowned NFT gaming project that faced challenges in its 2022 launch and was later acquired by LiquidX, is building an ecosystem of monster-battling games. MON tokens play a vital role in the decentralized ownership protocol of Pixelmon, encouraging NFT owners to contribute to the growth of the intellectual property.

Recent announcements from the Mon Protocol have unveiled partnerships with various crypto games and projects, expanding its influence in anticipation of the upcoming MON token launch.

Pixelmon CEO and Mon Protocol co-founder Giulio Xiloyannis expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with MetalCore, emphasizing the endless possibilities of Web3 gaming. This partnership aims to introduce new and seamless gaming experiences to players, fostering a more interconnected and welcoming digital world.

The integration of MetalCore quests into Pixelmon’s user base of over 1.1 million users signifies a significant milestone for both games, showcasing the potential for innovative interactions between virtual worlds.

Overall, the collaboration between MetalCore and the Mon Protocol underscores the innovative and interconnected nature of modern gaming experiences within the blockchain ecosystem.

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