MEIJO NANO CARBON Enters Capital and Business Partnership with SK Inc. Materials in the LIB Field

Meijo Nano Carbon Co., Ltd. has entered into a capital and business alliance with SK Inc. Materials, a materials company under the SK Group, a leading Korean conglomerate.

Meijo Nano Carbon is a startup that specializes in the production and sale of high-quality “high-crystallinity and high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT)” using its unique technology and expertise.

These SWCNTs are anticipated to be utilized in various devices in sectors like semiconductors and cables. With the investment from SK Inc. Materials, the focus of collaboration between the two companies will be on the Li-ion Battery (LIB) Field.

Traditionally, graphite has been the primary material for LIB anodes, but silicon is emerging as a next-generation option due to its theoretical storage capacity and range 10 times greater than graphite. However, the challenge with silicon anodes is maintaining their function due to cycle characteristic deterioration from charge-discharge cycles. By incorporating SWCNTs as a conductive additive in silicon anodes, significant enhancements in cycle characteristics can be achieved.

Together, Meijo Nano Carbon and SK Inc. Materials will establish a mass production system for high-crystallinity and high-purity SWCNTs, primarily for EV battery use in LIBs.

SK Group, a major Korean conglomerate focusing on oil refining, petrochemicals, telecommunications, and semiconductors, is committed to global expansion while striving to be a leader in the ESG domain. SK Inc. Materials, a materials company within the SK Group, has now partnered with Meijo Nano Carbon to collaborate on SWCNTs in the LIB field.

Meijo Nano Carbon, a startup company founded in 2005 at Meijo University, possesses exclusive semi-mass production technology for high-crystallinity and high-purity SWCNTs. These SWCNTs outperform other conductive carbons, offering superior conductivity and lightweight properties, making them ideal for research and development in various industries like battery, semiconductor, cable, aircraft, automotive, and petrochemical materials.

For more information about Meijo Nano Carbon Co., Ltd., including the CEO Takeshi Hashimoto, headquarters in Japan, establishment year, capital, business activities, and contact details, visit their website.

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