‘La Compagnie, an airline focused on business travelers, implements new payment orchestration system’

French all-business class leisure travel carrier La Compagnie has announced a new partnership with payments solution provider CellPoint Digital to implement a payment orchestration system. This platform will enable La Compagnie to seamlessly integrate new acquirers, digital wallets, and various alternative payment methods such as open banking and PayPal to enhance the overall passenger experience.

Payment orchestration involves the integration and management of different payment service providers, acquirers, payment gateways, and banks through a single, unified software layer. By utilizing CellPoint Digital’s payment orchestration platform, La Compagnie aims to streamline the integration process with new acquirers, simplify digital wallet integrations, and offer a wider range of payment options to meet customer demands.

Caroline Petit, CFO of La Compagnie, emphasized the importance of providing passengers with the best user experience, including an efficient payment process. She expressed confidence in CellPoint Digital’s platform, citing its reliability and alignment with La Compagnie’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services that enhance competitiveness.

La Compagnie currently operates routes connecting New York, Paris, Milan, and Nice. As the airline looks to expand its services and offerings, the implementation of the payment orchestration system by CellPoint Digital is expected to play a crucial role in supporting its growth and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

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