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SHELTON, CT: Just before ringing in the new year, Extra Duty Solutions (EDS) welcomed its 200th full-service law enforcement agency client. 

As a comprehensive no-cost solution for law enforcement agencies and municipalities nationwide, EDS relieves administrators from the hassles of managing their off-duty program, allowing them to focus on more important public safety tasks.

Services include connecting companies or organizations that need added security or traffic control with available law enforcement personnel. EDS then ensures that the off-duty job is worked and invoiced, the fees collected, and the officers paid on time.

EDS services are no cost to the law enforcement agency, as fees are collected from the vendor. This makes EDS a budget-friendly solution for agencies and communities with limited financial resources.

Agencies particularly benefit from EDS’s industry-leading risk mitigation and insurance coverage for officers working off duty. With the best interest of the client always in mind, EDS will continue its practice of never signing service agreements with utilities whose intent is to transfer risk away from themselves.

EDS also supplies a fully integrated on-duty scheduling software solution to help optimize the time spent scheduling vacation/leave, changing/updating work schedules and applying for benefits.  Combined, EDS has a portfolio of over 300 clients across 23 states.

With an ever-growing workforce and five regional offices, EDS invoiced over $43 million in off-duty work in 2023, representing a 30% increase from the previous year. EDS anticipates another incredible year of expansion in 2024.

To view a video announcement, visit https://youtu.be/0iczy4wQ2Rs

Providing administration of off-duty programs as well as an active-duty scheduling platform for the law enforcement community, Extra Duty Solutions has over 300 clients across 30 states. Services include vendor management, job scheduling, billing, collections, payroll, and more. For more information, visit extradutysolutions.com.

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