– Episode 149: Exploring Embedded Finance, Curves Referral Programme & Gen Z Loyalty

This week on the News & Views podcast, the team delves into the world of embedded finance and what we can expect to see in this space in the coming year. The hosts discuss how technology can enhance financial inclusion and create a smoother experience for both consumers and merchants.

One of the highlights of the episode is Curve’s new referral program, which allows consumers to double-dip on cashback rewards. The team explores how Curve is fostering long-term loyalty among its users by offering incentives that accumulate over time. They also touch upon how Curve has managed to create a mutually beneficial relationship with its consumers.

Looking ahead, the hosts emphasize the importance of catering to Gen-Z consumers and securing their loyalty for the future success of businesses. By aligning offerings with the preferences of younger generations, organizations can ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

To listen to the full podcast episode, check out your favorite platform. And for more information on embedded finance trends and securing Gen-Z loyalty, be sure to read the articles highlighted in this episode.

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