‘Digital Sessions: Providing Options in Fertility Treatment’

The digital health care management industry has experienced a significant boom since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering increased efficiency, effectiveness, and options for individuals seeking care. In a recent interview, Gayle Curry, Partner at a leading law firm, sat down with Sarita Stefani, the founder of Amilis, a popular health tech app focused on women’s health.

During their discussion, Stefani shared insights into the motivations behind creating a women’s health tech company and the evolving needs and expectations of women when it comes to healthcare services. She also shed light on the journey of a women’s health tech founder and offered valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry.

The conversation highlighted the growing importance of digital solutions in health care, particularly in meeting the unique needs of women. As the industry continues to evolve, innovative platforms like Amilis are playing a crucial role in improving access to quality care and empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

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