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Eric Salinas Nebel

Los Angeles, CA || December 2023


Eric Salinas Nebel has spent a decade fighting to tell Hispanic stories in Hollywood. Due to the WGA strike, all progress came to a soul-crushing halt. Then, his son was born three weeks later. As a new father and 2nd-generation Mexican-American, he was struck with an angst that the Hispanic culture that raised him would die with him. To cope, he wrote this book. 


Hispanic in the Box: Inside the Power of Latin-Americana is a cultural memoir that blends personal family stories with historical nonfiction to explore the vibrant, yet dizzying effects of Spanish colonialism and American imperialism trapped inside that innocuous census box. From Moorish Spain, family origins in 17th century Texas, revolutionaries, immigrant grandparents, Catholicism, and cowboys, the journey coalesces into a singular vision that uses Hispanic culture to reinvigorate the modern American Dream. 


In transcending trauma and stereotypes, the book reclaims the true power of Latin-Americana – the overlooked contributions Hispanics have made to American culture. It was written for those 60+ million Hispanic-Americans who make up the 5th largest GDP in the world. Specifically, the 35+ million who experience America one or two generations away from their family’s immigrant origins, making them the most sought-after and perplexing voting bloc in politics. Most importantly, it is for those who seek to respect the sacrifices of the past by trying to create a more equitable and inclusive future.


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Eric Salinas Nebel grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, spent summer vacations in the Rio Grande Valley, lived in Valencia, Spain and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Radio, TV & Film and Spanish. As he worked his way up the rungs of Tinseltown, Eric mentored at Inside Out Writers and hit the pavement for grassroots political campaigns. His debut memoir was written amid a historic Hollywood labor strike and the first months of fatherhood, molded by late-night feedings, coffee, picket lines, fear, stress, exhaustion, and a love he is only beginning to understand.

For more information about Hispanic in the Box: Inside the Power of Latin-Americana or to schedule an interview with Eric, please contact directly at 281-731-9374 or email Instagram: eric.nebel

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