Deadline for GI Bill beneficiaries to establish account for benefits deposits by April 20th

The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that veterans and their beneficiaries who receive GI Bill and other VA payments to multiple accounts must choose one account by April 20 to receive those payments. This change is part of the Digital GI Bill modernization initiative, aimed at streamlining the payment process and reducing the risk of fraud.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough emphasized the importance of this change in a recent press conference, stating, “We’re making this change to help protect vets and families from fraud and to ensure that we’re able to pay veterans on time, every time, without error.”

Approximately 50,000 of the 800,000 total GI Bill beneficiaries will be affected by this shift. These individuals are urged to visit to select the account where they want to receive their benefits. This process is crucial to ensure that payments are made accurately and in a timely manner.

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