‘Company Pours M into AI Platform Development’

SEI Investments Company, a fintech firm headquartered in Oaks, PA, with assets totaling around .4 trillion, has announced a million investment in TIFIN, an innovation platform geared towards expediting the integration of artificial intelligence by wealth managers.

The collaboration will focus on exploring new concepts, building or co-investing in opportunities, exchanging best practices, staying updated on AI advancements, and cultivating talent in the AI realm.

Sneha Shah, who heads the new business ventures at SEI, emphasized the transformative potential of AI in financial services. She highlighted the need for a proactive approach to embracing AI, which can revolutionize personalization, enhance client experiences, and streamline decision-making processes.

TIFIN, based in Boulder, CO, was established in 2018 as a fintech studio before transitioning into an operational business in 2020. It comprises several entities, including 55ip (acquired by JP Morgan), Magnifi, TIFIN Wealth, TIFIN Give, TIFIN AG, TIFIN AMP, Helix, TIFIN @Work, and Sage.

The company has received financial backing from prominent entities such as JP Morgan, Morningstar, Hamilton Lane, Franklin Templeton, Motive Partners, and Broadridge, demonstrating industry support for its innovative endeavors.

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