Breaking Barriers: Women Making Strides in White Collar Crime and Disputes

Women breaking barriers in white-collar crime and disputes are often pioneers in male-dominated landscapes, such as Dr. Angelika Hellweger, Legal Director at Rahman Ravelli. Dr. Hellweger’s experiences shed light on the challenges women face in leadership positions, where biases persist.

Starting as an associate, Dr. Hellweger initially felt treated equally to her male colleagues. However, as she climbed the career ladder, she noticed a shift in behavior. Women were frequently interrupted, labeled as “aggressive,” and given administrative tasks instead of high-profile cases. Despite these obstacles, Dr. Hellweger took a proactive approach, addressing these issues with her superiors and creating opportunities for change.

A particularly telling incident at a foreign embassy highlighted the biases women in leadership roles still encounter. Mistaken for an assistant among male colleagues, Dr. Hellweger’s assertive response emphasized the ongoing need for societal change.

With a unique background spanning civil and common law systems, Dr. Hellweger is an invaluable asset in navigating complex legal matters. Fluent in multiple languages and experienced in international work, she can expertly handle cases involving assets spread across different countries.

Dr. Hellweger emphasizes the importance of building strong networks early in one’s career, advising aspiring professionals to embrace diverse connections and authentic interactions. She also challenges the perception in white-collar crime that rudeness equates to assertiveness, encouraging professionals to maintain manners and professionalism.

In a field where appearance and comments on style can be unsettling, Dr. Hellweger empowers women to develop their professional style and stay true to themselves. Her advice extends beyond law, urging professionals to find their niche, focus on strengths, pursue passions outside of work, and define success on their own terms.

Rahman Ravelli, where Dr. Hellweger serves as Legal Director, is a renowned firm specializing in serious crime, fraud, regulatory matters, and commercial litigation. With a track record of success in criminal and civil cases, both domestically and internationally, Rahman Ravelli is recognized for its expertise in complex cases such as tax fraud, financial regulation, money laundering, and bribery. The firm’s commitment to integrity, excellence, and achieving optimal outcomes for clients solidifies its reputation as a top-tier legal entity.

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