Automating the ERV Nordic claims process with Simplifai

Simplifai, an artificial intelligence (AI) automation platform, is set to revolutionize ERV Nordic’s processes by making them more cost-efficient. CEO of Simplifai, Bård Myrstad, mentioned that the platform typically handles “around 60–80% of claims for many insurance customers”, and they are aiming to deliver similar results to ERV Nordic.

ERV Nordic’s Nordic IT Director/Chief Information Officer, Hadi M’Barek, expressed his confidence in Simplifai’s AI Automation Platform, stating that it is highly suitable, adaptable, reliable, and scalable to their needs. By implementing this platform, ERV Nordic hopes to delegate simpler tasks to technology, allowing them to focus on more complex and challenging activities.

In June 2023, Simplifai introduced InsuranceGPT, a large language model (LLM) AI insurance tool aimed at supporting insurers’ decision-making. This tool is part of Simplifai’s broader digital platform, which is geared towards enhancing efficiency and productivity in the insurance industry.

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