Alaska Air Group Flight Attendants Set to Receive 32% Pay Increase in Record Contract – PRWire


Alaska Air Group Inc. is making headlines with a groundbreaking agreement set to increase unionized flight attendants’ pay by an average of 32%. This substantial pay raise is part of a new “record contract” announced by the Association of Flight Attendants Alaska late Tuesday, highlighting a series of improved remuneration and conditions, including approximately 21 months of retroactive pay.

This tentative three-year agreement is a strategic move for Alaska Air Group, as it avoids a potentially costly conflict with workers right before the peak summer travel season. This deal, which still requires ratification by the full membership with voting set to conclude on August 14, could influence larger competitors like American Airlines Group Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc., whose unions may now seek similar substantial increases.

Alaska Air Group’s significant pay raise mirrors recent industry trends, such as Southwest Airlines Co.’s new four-year agreement with its cabin crew finalized in April. Southwest’s deal features an initial 22.3% pay rise, followed by annual increases of 3%, and includes $364 million in retroactive pay, amounting to a total contract value of $6.3 billion.

As Alaska Air Group’s flight attendants gear up to vote on this transformative deal, the airline industry is keenly watching, anticipating a ripple effect that could shape future labor negotiations across major US carriers. With unions advocating fiercely for their members, flight attendants nationwide are on the verge of substantial gains.

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