‘Redefining the Banking Experience with a Cutting-edge Mobile Banking Application’

FIS Launches Enhanced Version of Flagship Mobile Banking App for Financial Institutions

Global financial technology leader FIS has introduced an upgraded version of its flagship mobile banking application tailored for financial institutions. FIS Digital One™ Flex Mobile 6.0 aims to meet the evolving expectations of customers in the digital era by offering a seamless digital banking experience that can be accessed through mobile or online platforms.

Hashim Toussaint, head of Digital Solutions at FIS, emphasized the importance of mobile banking in today’s consumer landscape. He stated that with mobile banking becoming the primary way for consumers to engage with their banks, it is crucial for applications to be intuitive and feature-rich.

The new version of the application boasts several enhancements, including a simplified design, improved user experience, advanced fraud prevention features, and upgrades to its overall functionality. Additionally, Digital One Flex Mobile 6.0 enables financial institutions to cater to the growing demands of their customers by providing a secure and efficient mobile banking experience.

Key features of the new version include a single platform for seamless digital banking delivery, enhanced login and authentication functionalities, improved money movement capabilities, and a modernized accounts and transactions experience. These features aim to streamline operations and enhance the overall user experience for customers.

Financial institutions can now access Digital One Flex Mobile 6.0 to provide their customers with a cutting-edge mobile banking experience. To learn more about the application, visit the FIS website.

FIS is a leading financial technology company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to financial institutions, businesses, and developers. The company’s focus on delivering market-leading digital solutions underscores its commitment to helping clients navigate the dynamic digital landscape. To learn more about FIS and its offerings, visit the FIS website and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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